An introduction to the life of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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Dear reader,

What if dreaming of a free, joyful and inspiring life doesn't have to stay as a dream? 

Let me introduce you to a beautiful way of creating a life you love to live, the life of a Life Style Entrepreneur. 

A lifestyle entrepreneur is a person who creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle. This focuses more on the life rewards (rather than solely the monetary rewards) provided to those that have a true passion for their work and enjoy what they're doing.

Have I peeked your interest?

Okay, next step. I would like to invite you to a very special date... a date with your beau bizz. Even if you think you don't have one (just yet).

Down below I'll give you access to an exercise from a Voice Of Your Business Introductory class called 'On a Date with your Business'. 

Why and what is this you may ask?

Here is what showed up for me 2 years ago...

I had booked a personal session to work on some personal issues and what was showing up was an unexpected date with my business. 

For the first time ever, I was open enough to perceive the entity that is my business. I was blown away and pretty much humbly melted by it's presence. It had been patiently waiting for me to create with it.

For years I believed that business was not for me, let alone running my own business. So to even consider that I would contribute to businesses or start any online business up from ground zero was simply NOT POSSIBLE. EVER. 

But step by step, choice by choice I got closer to what always has been true, for many of us.


We are creators, in every possible way.


We are natural maestri through food, numbers, colours, sound, materials, nature, electronics... We can create with ANYthing and EVERYone. It may sound fluffy or fro some too far-fetched, especially if you aren't believing much in yourself right now. 

Oh fuck ESPECIALLY YOU, please keep reading!


  • What ideas come to you daily? Are you hearing them or ignoring them? ( write it all down, even if it's silly )
  • What do you do so easily and joyfully you would never considered being paid for? 
  • What is dying to get expressed through YOU?

A great resource to learn more about creating with the ideas that come through you is the book BIG MAGIC from Elisabeth Gilbert, access HERE


Gosh, I had SO many limiting beliefs about myself, my future, the world's future etc. Including so many fixed points of view on what it meant to mean something to the world, to make a difference, to be special, standing out in the big crowd ( or not at all ), what creation is, what business is, what owning a business is about and this list goes mega-freaking-on loooooong. 

Not to mention that I had surrounded myself with people who believed what I believed and more or less re-inforcing my harsh inner-critic and views of me and life. 


Look at your world right now.

  • Do you feel supported?
  • How are your daily conversations with people, with yourself? 
  • Are you uplifted or inspired by what is showing up in your world right now? 
  • Are you excited by your own choices? 
  • Are you clear on what you desire in life? 


A good friend recently told me 'STOP taking advice from poor people'. Hahaha... well what about


Stop taking advice from people whose lives you are not inspired by.


Right?!! LOL

If most of the answers above are not making you feel bigger and lighter ànd you want to change it, you have to start making different choices and demand for something different to show up. 

Keep on wondering, dreaming, desiring more in life. Keep on making choices, even if it feels like you fucked it up royally ( in the end it's all information right?! )

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? 


What has changing your personal life got to do with business? 


EVERYTHING! Your business supports your personal choices. And your personal choices support your business. If you are not happy with your life, business will be hard. Especially if you are a creative soul because money is never your real motivation but more a means to an end. It's what moves you that is your motivation. Like creativity or being happy or being part of a greater good. 

And when you are congruent with your motivation, meaning you are true to yourself, business comes to you way more easily. So do what you love and do what you do so easily that you would never consider being paid for. 


Fast forward to now, at least 10 years later and I'm FULLY supported by my business. Tears are running down my cheeks as I'm writing this. I'm that lucky ducky who is looking up to a clear blue and sunny sky, giving light to the most picturesque scaping views of Italy, Torino, while sipping on a yummy soy cappuccino in my favourite clothes and heals, doing what I love so much!

Creating, wondering, changing, moving, globetrottering, being inspired and amazed, growing, enough challenge and make a difference in someone's world through the things I create. 

I asked exactly 6 years ago for this. Travel the world with "a job" that is big enough, loving life and getting me excited when waking up in the morning.  I would have never guessed that sharing my very first and very eummm "interesting" graphics would peek someones interest and could open the door to what my business is today. I just did something. And that something was fun. 

I never studied business, graphic design or anything that has to do with all the things I offer in my business.. I never finished high school but somehow managed to graduate with honors in Special Education while living on my own since 18 and working my way up, bit by bit.


  • Note 1 - Wonder. What would make it worthwhile to live a life here and now, for YOU? 
  • Note 2 - Let go of your limiting beliefs. Is it really true? Is it relevant? 
  • Note 3 - Don't listen to people who aren't empowering and whose lives you do not want to live! Who's lives are you inspired by? Or ask for those to show up. 
  • Note 4 - start making different choices
  • Note 5 - Please be kind to you. Allow the change to come. Give it time. 
  • Note 6 - Start seeing ànd acknowledging what you offer is valuable. 
  • Note 7 - Remember this is part of living life. Don't settle for answers. Go back to note 1 and wonder. 


Here is what changed the course of my life dynamically when looking back at the many tracks I was on. I kept on making different choices. No matter what people told me about me, my future and thé future, I kept going in a different direction.

Sometimes, if not most times, it was out of disperation but nonetheless, thàt carrot was required to keep me moving forward.

That carrot that existed out of a myriad of dark feelings, stirred up a knowing from deep within that more should be possible. More possible than what was offered to me so far, more than what I had experienced so far. 

It still is part of my inner compass in life and business. If I'm not happy & enough challenged in growth, it's time to move on or change something. 


What is your inner compass? 


  • What future do you desire? 
  • What empowers you? 
  • What gives you more of you? 
  • What makes you move your booty but like nothing else? 


NOW it's business time 


Now that you are more clear on your life, I dare you to get dressed up and go on many dates with your (future) business.

You will be amazed at how kind, sparkly, enthused and above all; how ready your beau bizz is to create with you and support you in your personal lifestyle choices ALL THE WAY. 

All you gotta do is relax... be open, ask questions, listen, take actions...

... with no expectations, projections, no judgment, and get to know your beau.

Like on any surprisingly fun date.


LISTEN HERE for an exercise to get to know your business (more ) 

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