THE ROAD TO MY DESTINY - the poem with Rumi, Gary, Dain, Pooh and Scooby Doo

english poetry Feb 21, 2020


I used to believe there was a road.

One road, for me
my road to my destiny.
So I went off to travel
to unravel what wasn’t me
off to find my road
to find my destiny.

I was looking really hard
and was really trying my best
giving it my all
but every time I'd fall
trying to understand
why it all went wrong
maddened to not know
why I seemed endlessly tagging along.

Is it really wrong when things go wrong?

What IS right about this?

What is right about me?

Why am I not getting this life’s rich tapestry?

One day I met the timeless poet Rumi.
He once wrote, and I repeat:
"If this me is not I,
Then who am I?
If I am not the one who speaks,
Then who does?
If this me is only a robe
Then who is the one I am covering? ”                                                                                         

I knew that his very weird questions made more sense than anything else ever did.
This brilliant man was not telling me an answer.

When I was done with finding answers and
being the good girl and all.
Life opened up
I suddenly felt the wind

and I no longer felt small.

One day I went surfing on the net.
There was this man I had never met.
His name is Gary.
Funny man, that Gary.
He has a friend named Dain.
To two together, pretty funny and insane.
Maybe they used to be friends with Rumi?
They ask questions too!
How does it get any funnier?
They invite me to do it too!

As if by magic, all things that used to turn into poo
like in that cartoon Scooby Doo
Life started to show me … Magic.

And here we are today.
Piglet once asked his friend Pooh bear:
"What day is it Pooh?"
Pooh answered:
"It's today. My favourite day."
So good on ya Pooh. And I wonder...
What else IS possible?

Who can I be today, and what grand and glorious adventures can I have?




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